Ads Post
All Ads can be classified as individual, professional, company. You should only post an ad that is relevant to furniture and home appliance only, the rest are strictly not allowed. reserves the right to decide the ad post classification and category.
Note: For those are company advertiser, please state your registered companies name and retail /mailing address in your profile.


Advertise for your own

All Ads are listed for marketing purposes. You should post own ads and not anyone else.



Ad title

You should describe what is being advertised for example: “product name” etc.



Ad category

You should post your ad that is suitable to the category on what is being advertised. For example: “Furniture – Table – Coffee Table”.



Ad description

You should describe on what is being advertised. For example: “Product name or model”, “Item detail and specification” etc




Price Type

You should describe on the price that you are offering. For example: “Fixed”, “Negotiable”, “Free”. Ads that related to auction or bidding is not allowed.



Item Condition

You should describe on the item condition. For example: “New” or “Used”



Item Warranty

You should state on the warranty condition to buyers. The term is subjected to both party agreements on the deal.




You should state on the tag name of the item that is relevant to your ad in the text description and that can be found in search word.



Item detail

You should place the item detail as much as possible. For Example: “Brand”, “Color”, “Dimension in Width x Length x Height”, “Material” etc.




For individual / professional advertiser, you should not describe your home address on your ad. Country state and city are mandatory. Example:  “Selangor – Klang”. However for company advertiser, you should place your retail shop address on your ad include the google map.




English and Bahasa Malaysia are allowed


Limited for 1 item for one ad

You should advertise single item in each ad.



No duplicates

You should not post the same item and more. If posting the same ad using different name is not allowed.



You should add image that are relevant to your ad. Company / organization logos are not allowed to use as images.
An image is not suitable if it:

  1. Images taken by another advertiser and being reused without their consent (illegal under copyright laws)
  2. Contains personal information and detail
  3. Contains images of people
  4. Contains any words
  5. Contains watermark edited by advertiser.
  6. Is edited image for multiple item
  7. Is copy / downloaded from the
  8. Is not in JPG, JPEG or PNG format
  9. Is reused from any other on
  10. Is unclear, incorrect size (too big, too small), irrelevant
  11. Is hanky-panky




You must obey applicable law and regulation of Malaysia for given profession.


Realistic offers

Ad that is unrealistic is not allowed which we do not think that is an actual price.


Goods and Services

Ads contain goods and services that are prohibited from sale or service according to Malaysia laws and regulations are not allowed on  For example: “Drug”, “Weapon”, “Sexual service”, “Money laundry service” etc.


Offensive content

Ads that contain offensive to personal, public and organization are not allowed.


Business for Sale ads

All advertisers include professional /company that selling off existing business, joint ventures, partnership, funds are not allowed. reserve the right to

  1. Delete irrelevant image and edit / remove ads
  2. Request advertiser to revise ad to comply with above mentioned advertise rule.
  3. Take sole discretion in to decide on ads which is violate’s rule.
  4. Amend the above mentioned advertise rule at anytime.