Who We Are

Robinhomez is an eco-friendly online platform for classified ads related to home items (e.g., furniture, home appliances and Electronics or any other items related to home). We aim to promote the reuse of home items to align with one of the environmental friendly ‘3Rs’ concept which refers to ‘Reduce’, ‘Reuse’ and ‘Recycle’ so that we can reduce our personal footprint.

We believe this platform is able to help the community to minimize unnecessary waste of reusable home items by following the 3R principles below:

Reduce – To reduce the amount of materials and good we consume.
Tips! To determine your true needs and avoid impulse buys, try the three days rule: if you want to buy something non-essential, wait three days. You can buy it If you’re still thinking about it three days later, but more than likely, you will have forgotten about it.

Reuse – To find a new use of the old items that you might consider throwing away.
Tips! Use Robinhomez’s platform to turn the furniture, home appliances or any other items related to home which you don’t need it any more into cash and at the same time to help those who needs the item.

Recycle – To extract valuable materials from items that might otherwise be considered trash and turns them into new products.
Always look for pickup of recyclables, drop-off centers, buy-back centers or any recycle program in your community before throwing your things.

We can help the earth to reduce the humanity’s environment footprint if we always think as ‘WE’, not ‘ME’.

We also encourage charity organizations such as orphanages, nursing homes, homes for underprivileged people to utilize Robinhomez’s platform to request for the items they need.

Why Us

We make the biggest marketplace where everyone can better promote their businesses that makes more convenience.

Our mission

We aim to emphasis on environmental awareness to the community by providing a best solution that everyone can make the world a better place.

Creative Value

We offer an online platform services in order to better suit the needs of our customers.